Starting at the same point, Tom and Juanita go biking in opposite directions. If Tom rides at a speed of 16 mph, and Juanita rides at a speed of 18 mph, how far apart will they be in 2 hours?

Can i please have an explanation?

 Mar 8, 2023

omfg i just typed this long explination and deleted it



so heres the sort, the answer is 68 miles appart


imagine they are on a number line starting at 0 one goes positiv eone goes negitve

how many digits appart are they?


at 0 hours they are both at 0


at 1 hour one is at 18 (Miles) and one is at 16


so at 2 hours how far would they be?


if one moves at 18 per hour and 2 hours have past then 18x2 i s 36


for the other 16 pases every hour, for two hours whatis it? 16x2 wich is 32


both of them apart from 0 is

(16x2)+(18x2)+ 68 so there

 Mar 8, 2023

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