Hello! What is

3162277660.17 written in both scientific notation and standard notation? I am getting confused at the difference between the two. Thank you so much. 

Guest Jul 29, 2018
edited by Guest  Jul 29, 2018

3162277660.17 - This is in "standard notation"


3.162277660.17 - put a decimal point in front of the first number, which is a "3"

Count the number of digits BETWEEN the two decimal points and you should get 9. This 9 is the exponent or power of 10. Then write the whole number like this: 3.16227766017 x 10^9. You remove the first decimal point. So, your number 3.16227766017 x 10^9 is now in "scientific notation"

Guest Jul 29, 2018

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