The teacher has written an equation of the form p(x)=0 on the board, where p(x) is a quadratic, but Heather can't read the linear term. She can see that the quadratic term is 4x^2 and that the constant is -24. She asks her neighbor, Noel, what the linear term is.

Noel decides to tease her and just says, ``One of the roots is 4.''

Heather then says, ``Oh, thanks!''

She then correctly writes down the linear term. What was the linear term? Include entire term, not simply the coefficient.

 Apr 28, 2020

If one of the roots is 4, the quadratic could have (x - 4) as a factor.

If it does, the other factor would have to be (4x + 6), giving an equation of (x - 4)(4x + 6)  =  0

Multiplying this out:  4x2 - 10x - 24  =  0.

 Apr 28, 2020

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