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Which is a better buy — 400 g of biscuits costing $2.98, or a pack of biscuits with 400 g + 25% extra, costing $3.28?

 Oct 18, 2017

Let \(A\) be the first pack of 400g, and \(B\) be the second pack of 400g+25%.


First, we calculate the total weight of pack \(B\) with the 25%:



\(400g+100g=500g\) in total


Then, we calculate the unit price (price per gram) for each pack: \(unitPrice={price\over quantity}\)


A). \({\$2.98\over400g}=\$0.00745\)


B). \({\$3.28\over500g}=\$0.00656\)


As we can clearly see, the unit price of \(A\) is greater than the unit price of \(B\), therefore pack \(B\) is a better buy, but only by a fraction of a cent!

 Oct 18, 2017

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