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The teacher has written a quadratic on the board, but Heather can't read the linear term. She can see that the quadratic term is 4x^2 and that the constant is -24. She asks her neighbor, Noel, what the linear term is.

Noel decides to tease her and just says, ``One of the roots is 4.''

Heather then says, ``Oh, thanks!''

She then correctly writes down the linear term. What was the linear term? Include entire term, not simply the coefficient.

 Jan 5, 2019


The one root is 4  

So the factored quadratic  will look like this:


(2x-8)(2x+?)      the  - 8 and ?   have to multiply to -24     soooo ? = 3


(2x-8)(2x+3)   =   4x^2  -10x  -24        and the two roots are 4 and - 12/8



Thanx , Chris for pointing out that I originally had  the lead coefficient incorrect!  cheeky

 Jan 5, 2019
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Welcome, EP.....


[ Also note that -12 / 8 = - 3 /2 ]



cool cool cool

CPhill  Jan 6, 2019

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