Box A contains only 20-cent coins and Box B contains only 50-cent coins. The number of coins in Box A is twice the number of coins in Box B. The amount of money in Box B is $1.60 more than the amount of money In Box A. How many 20-cent coins are there in Box A?


(1)     8

(2)     16

(3)     32

(4)     48

 May 17, 2021



I answered it here. I hope this helps

 May 18, 2021


Thanks for answering BUT

Why did you answer it in a place where the question is not.  It is super confusing and I am not the only one who has said so.



You have been given an answer but you did not comment on it.  

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You keep reposting, why would you do that without even commenting on the answer that a kind person has given you.

Do you think that is a nice way to treat a person who has tried to help you?

Melody  May 24, 2021


Here is the answer that apsig... provided you with.

Please look at it properly and then comment on it ..... maybe say thankyou.

If you still do not understand or want more help, ask for it politely.




    20¢       50¢                         
  Box A : Box B                Diff Box B -- Box A

     2      :  1                    0.50--0.40 = $1.60

0.20 * 2 : 0.50                     0.104 = 1.60

0.40¢                                        u = 1.60

16, 0.40¢ Coins Box A                    0.10

32, 0.20¢ Coins Box A       u = 16


The answer choice is C

 May 24, 2021

I just realized that maybe apsig... answered on the other thread because this one was locked.

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If anyone wants to continue a locked thread they just have to send a personal message to a moderator, asking for it to be unlocked.

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