# of toppings cost              
1 $9.50
3 $11.00

Above are the prices for two small pizzas from Domino’s. Write an equation to calculate the cost of a small pizza based on the number of toppings you order. Complete sentences. Handwritten. Show work.


A)Based on the information in the table, how much is Domino’s charging for each topping?

B)Write an equation in Point Slope form that represents this situation.

C)Convert your equation into Slope Intercept Form.

D)Based on this information, how much would a cheese pizza cost? (a pizza with 0 toppings)

E)How much would a small pizza with 5 toppings cost?




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A) Based on the information in the table, the cost of one topping at Domino's is $1.50 ($11.00 - $9.50 = $1.50).

B) Let x be the number of toppings and y be the cost of the pizza. We can use the point-slope form of an equation to represent this situation:

y - 9.50 = 1.50(x - 1)

Here, the point (1, 9.50) represents the cost of a pizza with one topping, and the slope 1.50 represents the increase in cost for each additional topping.

C) To convert the equation into slope-intercept form, we can simplify it by distributing the 1.50:

y - 9.50 = 1.50x - 1.50

y = 1.50x + 8.00

This equation shows that the cost of a pizza (y) is equal to 1.50 times the number of toppings (x), plus a fixed cost of $8.00.

D) For a cheese pizza (0 toppings), the equation becomes:

y = 1.50(0) + 8.00 = $8.00

So a cheese pizza would cost $8.00.

E) For a small pizza with 5 toppings, we can plug x = 5 into the equation:

y = 1.50(5) + 8.00 = $15.50

So a small pizza with 5 toppings would cost $15.50.

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