The animals of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan hold a mayoral election. Their laws say that a candidate
must have a majority of the votes to win. Three candidates compete: a snail, a hedgehog, and a
swan. This pie chart shows the election results (Down Below the question):


The results are in, and the snail finished last, with 60 votes. Since no candidate received a majority
(nobody got more than 50% of the votes), the hedgehog and the swan are forced into a runoff
election. Assuming that the only animals who change their votes are the 60 who originally voted
for the snail, and assuming that each of those 60 voters now votes for the hedgehog or the swan,
how many of those 60 votes does the hedgehog need to win in order to win the runoff election?

 May 2, 2020

The total number of  votes   must have been 60  / .24   =     250


To win....a candidate must get  more than  250/2 =  125  votes

Note that 126 votes would do the trick !!!!


The  hedgehog  originally got  .42 * 250   = 105 votes


So....out of the 60 voters.....he  (or she) needs to get at least    126 - 105  =    21 votes from them to win


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 May 2, 2020

Thanks CPhil !

Guest May 2, 2020

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