The table below shows the proportional relationship between the weight of dog food, in ounces, and the number of bags of dog food: Number of Bags of Dog Food Number of Ounces of Dog Food 3 36 4 48 5 60 What is the constant of proportionality?

Guest Apr 27, 2017

Let  w  represent weight,  n  represent the number of bags, and  k  be the constant of proportionality.

Thus:  w  =  k·n

Substituting,  3  for n and  36  for w:     36  =  k·3      --->     k  =  12.

You could also use  4  for n and  48  for w or  5  for n and  60 for w and get the same result.

geno3141  Apr 27, 2017

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