this might seem easy but i am easily confused. 


Find the number of ways that Magnus can give out 10 identical stickers to 8 of his friends. (Not everyone has to get a sticker.)

 Jun 13, 2023


Here are the stickers    XXXXXXXXXX  ten of them.


now separate these into 8 groups by puting up dividers.  You only need 7 dividers because each person gets the stickers in front of their divider but the last person just gets the ones at the end. Draw it on a peice of paper to see what I mean.


So there are now 10+7 = 17 objects

you need to see how many ways the dividers can be placed in the queue.


17C7   ways      ofcourse  17C10  would give the same result. 

 Jun 14, 2023

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