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1. In a certain country, the probability that a baby that is born is a boy is 0.52 and the probably that a baby that is
born is a girl is 0.48. A family has two children. If X is the number of girls born to a family, find the probability
that the family has 0, 1, or 2 girls.
Below is a tree diagram and binomial distribution table.
X 0 1 2
P X( ) (0.52 0.52 0.2704 )( ) =
(0.52)(0.48) = 0.2496
(0.48 0.48 0.2304 )( ) =
Is the tree diagram and binomial distribution table correct? If not, state and explain the mistake.




 Mar 8, 2019

\(P[1] = \dbinom{2}{1}(0.48)(0.52) = 2 (0.48)(0.52) = 0.4992\\ \text{The table at the link got this wrong by a factor of 2}\\ \text{because they only accounted for one of the 2 paths to get to 1 girl/1 boy}\)

 Mar 8, 2019

Thank you!! <3 

Guest Mar 8, 2019

My goodness you are a lazy guest. I hope you have to sit for an exam because you will almost certainly fail.



Sorry Rom but I answered this question ealier today and I requested that they did some of their own thinking and interact with me.

You did not know that, I am certainly not upset with you.    I just get so annoyed/upset with all the askers here who have no desire to learn anything. 

 Mar 8, 2019

Sorry Melody I didn't know.

Rom  Mar 9, 2019

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