if you waigh 100 pound and you eat 100 calories how much would you have to work out

Guest Jun 19, 2017

none, you don't have to work out at all especally if you weigh 100 pounds

Guest Jun 19, 2017
edited by Guest  Jun 19, 2017

If you weigh 100 pounds...

100 pounds = 45.359 kg


Say you go to the gym and use the stairstepper where each step is roughly 18 centimeters.

45.359(9.8)(.18) = 80.013276 W = 80.013276 J

Now say you use the stairstepper for an hour with one step per second

80.013276(3600) = 288,047.79 J

Now convert from Joules to Food Calories (Don't be confused when looking at nutrition facts... 1 food calorie is a kilocalorie)

288,047.79/4186 = 68.81 Calories are burned per hour

To burn 100 calories you would have to use the stairstepper for roughly 87 minutes..

Note: this is assuming you can continously workout on the stairstepper with one step per second.

Guest Jun 19, 2017

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