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i need help please😞❤🙌

 Mar 12, 2019

Hint:   Angle z  + 108   add to 180 degrees (a straight line)

Once you find z    all of the interior angles add to 360 ... so you can find y

 Mar 12, 2019

i need to find y and z im really not good with geometry so i really need the answer for y and z pretty please.

lilpuff360  Mar 12, 2019

Hey so I don't want to mess up what EP is trying to teach you but I can help you a little but not much What he said or ment was that you can can subtract 108 from 180 degree's because both angles are on a straight line if you do the following subtraction you will get z now after that all you need to do is find y so keep in mind what EP said that all inside angles add up to 360 degree's : )

HiylinLink  Mar 12, 2019

\(108^{\circ} + z^{\circ} = 180^{\circ}\\ z^{\circ} = 72^{\circ}\\ z = 72\) (angles on a straight line adds up to 180 degrees)


\(z^{\circ} + y^{\circ} + 102^{\circ}+84^{\circ} = 360^{\circ}\\ 72^{\circ} + 102^{\circ} + 84^{\circ} + y^{\circ} = 360^{\circ}\\ y^{\circ} = 102^{\circ}\\ y = 102\)  (interior angle of a quadrilateral adds up to 360 degrees)

 Mar 12, 2019

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