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Fencing with the length of


meters surrounds two identical playing fields with a common side. The fields can be side by side and separated by a​ fence, as shown in the figure. Find the dimensions and the maximum area of each field.


The larger dimension of each field is ______

 Mar 16, 2020

The largest area that 600 meters of fencing can enclose is a square with each side being 150 meters long.

To have this square enclose two identical playing fields, each field should have dimensions 75m by 150m.


Since I don't know what is contained in the figure, I don't know if there are any other restrictions upon the fields.


A square is the rectangular area that contains the most area for any given perimeter.

If you can create a circle, a circle would contain the most area for any given perimeter.

 Mar 16, 2020

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