True or False? An exponential equation must have at least one solution. Explain.


True or False? A logarithmic equation can have at most one extraneous solution. Explain.


Thank you for your help!! :)

Guest Nov 12, 2017

I am not familiar with these problems and don't know how to help you, but here are some ideas...


If you can make the exponent equal to zero on both sides, you could always have a solution. 


3^x = 2^x if x = 0, then there is a solution. If the problem says that x is not equal to zero, then I don't know.


I have no idea for the second one. 

supermanaccz  Nov 12, 2017

First one is FALSE.

I have a counterexample: \(2^x=0\)

That way, there are no solution for x.


Second one I think is true, but I don't know why...

MaxWong  Nov 12, 2017

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