how do you find the precentage of a number on a calculator?indecision




Guest Mar 5, 2017

If your question was, "What percentage is 2 of 7?"

First, type " 2/7 " into the calculator.

Second, multiply by 100 (or just move the decimal to the right 2 places).

2 is about 28.6% of 7.


Here's another example:

"74 is what percent of 30?"

First, type " 74/30 " into the calculator.

Second, multiply by 100.

74 is about 246.7% of 30


A lot of times I can't remember how to do percents so I just have to go back to what "percent" really means. "Cent" means 100. (A century is 100 years. One cent is one hundredth of a dollar.) Percent literally means per 100.

The question is "2 out of 7 is what out of a hundred?" In other words, if you had 2 out of 7 people with red hair, how many people would have red hair out of 100? How many people would have red hair per 100 people?

This is how to set that up:

\(\frac{2}{7} = \frac{x}{100}\)

Then you solve for x. 200/7 is exactly what we had earlier.

I still go back to thinking of percentages like this just because it is the easiest way for me to think of it.


Lol I realize you probably didn't need a one page essay on this but I just thought I'd share all that.

hectictar  Mar 5, 2017
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