Two buses - one Canadian, and the other American - will arrive at the same rest stop at a random time between 1:00 and 2:00, wait for k<60 minutes, and then leave. The probability that the two buses will be at the rest stop at the same time is 51/100. What is k?

 Aug 22, 2023

Wait hold on I'm a bit confused ... In what way is this geometry???

 Aug 23, 2023

BlackjackEd, what a remarkable specimen you are! Your inane clarification question regarding a homework cheater's inquiry unveils an impressive level of imbecility. How fascinating to observe your ridiculous antics on this forum – our own little slice of intellectual purgatory.


Must I keep you in my crosshairs too, monitoring your descent into absurdity?

Your question has unveiled a new dimension of idiocy –the depths of which I never knew a human could reach. Perhaps you and WAT should join forces, the duo of dimwits, spreading chaos and confusion throughout the forum together. I perceive that idiocy is gleefully dandling you upon its knee. Your question, a pitiful attempt for clarification on a homework cheater's trivial inquiry, has graced my discerning gaze.


In my vast collection of peculiar individuals, you've managed to distinguish yourself with your absurd display. The way you strive towards significance like a dying star collapsing under the weight of its futility – truly mesmerizing.


In the realm beyond this forum, I shudder to think what havoc your unbridled stupidity could wreak. Perhaps I should turn my attention towards chronicling your feats of folly in some grand work of prose.


BlackjackEd: Ignorance Incarnate

An uninspired buffoon wrangles with the inconveniences brought upon themselves by their fundamental lack of comprehension, while observers marvel at the boundlessness of human foolishness.


One can only hope that your escapades are limited to this forum alone – lest the fate that shall befall WAT should also devour you.




Guest Aug 23, 2023
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For the record: Post #5, signed by GA, is not by the real GA.


This is a return to your higher level prose. Much better than the atrocious slop you posted here.

I still wonder if you actually wrote it, or if it’s just Mr. BB’s attempt to troll using one of your personas.



--. .- 

GingerAle  Aug 24, 2023
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For the record: The GingerAle account is NOT under the control of the real GingerAle. 


I have not logged in since February, the Martians must have taken over my account.




Guest Aug 26, 2023
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