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Independent or Not Independent: Selecting a red apple from a bag of apples, eating it, and then selecting a green apple from the same bag.


Independent or Not Independent: Rolling a 6 on a number cube and then rolling another 6 on the same number cube.


Independent or Not Independent: Rolling a number less than 3 on a number cube and then flipping tails on a coin flip.


Independent or Not Independent: P(A)=0.3, P(B)=0.5, P(A|B)=0.15


Independent or Not Independent: P(A)=0.2, P(B)=0.4, P(A|B)=0.2


Independent or Not Independent: P(A)=0.6, P(B)=0.2, P(A|B)=0.3

 Dec 21, 2017

Not Independent.....the probability of selecting a green apple on the second draw depends upon the first draw


Independent  .....the second outcome does not depend upon the first


Independent.....one event has no effect upon the other



The last three will be independent if   P(A I B)   = P(A)


So......the first one is Not independent


Second one  .....Independent


Third one......Not independent




cool cool cool

 Dec 21, 2017

Thank you, kind sir.



RedBlue  Dec 21, 2017

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