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Jack rolls 5 fair six-sided dice. What is the probability that at least two dice show the same number?


(Don't give me direct answers pls, explain your answer! Thanks)

 Jul 9, 2018

See the answer here: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/help-one-more-problem

 Jul 9, 2018

The answer is wrong, pls help!

MathCuber  Jul 9, 2018

Hi MathCuber.


Since Alan answered it the first time I doubt very much that it was wrong.


Why do you thingk the answer is wrong ?  

If you have an answer you shoud state what you think it should be.

If you have some other reason for saying this then you should state that too.


You should have discussed this on Alan's original answer. Not just ignored him. That was plain rude.


Reposts should be to direct people to the original answer, not so that you can ignore the original answer and get another.

Melody  Jul 17, 2018

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