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Right triangle XYZ has legs of length XY = 12 and YZ = 6.  Point D is chosen at random within the triangle XYZ.  What is the probability that the area of triangle XYD is at most 20?

 Apr 4, 2023

To solve this problem, first, you need to find the area of the right triangle XYZ using the formula A = 1/2 * base * height. Then, you can set up an equation to find the range of values for the height of triangle XYD, which will allow its area to be at most 20. Once you have the range of values, you can find the probability that a point chosen randomly in triangle XYZ lies within this range. The probability will be the ratio of the area of the range of heights to the area of the entire triangle XYZ. Dunkinrunsonyou

 Apr 5, 2023

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