Hi everyone,

I have seen a lot of individual complaints posted.  I have also noticed that Admin has been seeing at least some of them and has been repairing the problems.  Thanks Admin :)


Anyway, I thought it would be better if i set up this thread where all problems (or links to prior notifications)  can be posted.  

I will put this thread in Sticky Topics, on the right hand side of the page, so that it can be easily accessed and added to.      laugh

Melody  Mar 24, 2017


Max has complained that when he posts a problems it is not automatically added to his watchlist.

Mine has not been added to my list either.  Can this be fixed please?



Melody  Mar 24, 2017
edited by Melody  Mar 30, 2017

Same with me here! I only see 6 problems, that I asked even though I asked almost 30 questions!



ant101  Mar 24, 2017
edited by Melody  Mar 30, 2017

Thank you admins and moderators: The problem has been solved.



MaxWong  Mar 26, 2017

A problems is being discussed here.




This problem may be related to a problems I am having.


When I try to delete a response to a prior answer, that particular answer as well as all the other responses to it are deleted at the same time.  

This may be why some of our guests answers have been deleteted. :/

Melody  Mar 27, 2017

There are some problems with this site:

1. Some of my answers are getting deleted for no reason (they didnt contain mature content)

2. Sometimes the sign that means there is a new answer appears, although there is no new answer.

Probably because other posts and answers are getting for me.

3. Im not getting any mails from this site

4. You keep marking my questions with that sign that wont allow normal users to see the answer. Im a normal user, AND I CANT SEE THE ANSWER TO MY FUDGING QUESTION.

Guest Mar 27, 2017

Images not displaying for me....(sometimes).....


Sometimes the image shows....sometimes I get "Waiting for Moderation".......huh????





cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 29, 2017

Yay!!!! Thank you Admin for adding back the thing that shows other users who are composing an answer!!!! laugh

hectictar  Apr 2, 2017

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