At a baseballgame Will hits the ball. After 3,8 seconds the ball gets caught. Below are the charts of the projectile motions. vx is the horizontal component of the velocity of the ball while vy is the vertical component of the velocity of the ball,


a. At t = 1,8 seconds the ball reaches a maximal height of H m. Around this point of time the line of the vy chart is basically straight, because the vertical accelaration is nearly constant. What is the acceleration and why is this basically constant. 


b. At t = 3,8 the movement/displacement in the horizontal direction is X m. What is the value of X?


c. At t = 3,8 the movement/displacement in the vertical direction is Y m. Explain how you can calculate the value of Y?


d. At the moment the ball gets caught, the movement/displacement is equal to Z m. The coach of Will makes estimation of the value of Z using X = 100, Y = 1 and H = 20. Explain with which value of Z the estimation of the coach becomes legit.



English isn't my native language, I'm sorry if any of the terms aren't correct :(

 Jan 10, 2020

Do you have the chart?


1  Acceleration in the y direction is constant and equal to Earth's gravity  (-9.81 m/s^2) ....no other acceleration is involved.

 Jan 10, 2020

I forgot to add it whoops. My apologies!


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