An ant has been scaled up to be the same length as a human (2m).

Explain using the properties of proportionality why this would be completely unreasonable in reality.


"This is a double post- couldn't find the old one so I remade it but then found the original shortly after"

 Oct 15, 2017
edited by Quazars  Oct 15, 2017

I already answered this .. although I will admit my answer was not a great one.



How can you not find your post?

It is in your watchlist !!


If you click on your Q icon that will take you to your member page and your questions are at the bottom.

So member questions are super easy to find    laugh 


Besides your 'old' question is only 3 questions down so you must have been looking with your eyes shut!

 Oct 16, 2017
edited by Melody  Oct 16, 2017

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