three prisoners are each given a hat. The hats come in 3 colors (black, white, and red) and it is possible for multiple prisoners to have the same colored hat. Each prisoner can only see the hats of the other two prisoners, and has to guess the color of their own (they can't hear other guesses). If at least one of them guesses right, all of them are set free. If all three guess wrong, they are sentenced to death. Find a strategy for the prisoners to guarantee success.

 Aug 16, 2022

Just take off their own hat, lol.(jk)


Or tell another prisoner what color their hat is.(If you can)


I don't know an exact solution but those are my guesses.

 Aug 17, 2022

You can't hear other guesses tho...


that part alone makes it soo hard 

BuilderBoi  Aug 17, 2022

Yeah, so there isnt any good way except taking off their own hats, lol. Or write down the color of the 2 other people's hats on the wall.

jimkey17  Aug 18, 2022

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