a community is building a square park with sides that measure 120 meaters. to seperate the picnic area from the play area, the park is split by a diagonal line from opposite corners. determine the approximate length of the diagonal line that splits the square. if necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth.

Guest Apr 29, 2017

The two sides of the triangle are 120 "meaters" wink long.


Pythagorean theorem is as follows:



"a" and "b" are the sides. "c" is the diagonal.


So substitute the length in:



And simplify







\(24\sqrt{5}\)    or    \(53.7\)

Guest Apr 29, 2017

Ah something is slightly off..the diagonal must be longer than the length of the sides...!

I think you forgot a one zero at the end...it should be


\(c=\sqrt{28800}=120\sqrt2 \approx 169.706\)      (meters)     smiley

hectictar  Apr 30, 2017

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