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At time t=0, in seconds, a pair of sunglasses is dropped from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. At times t, it’s height in feet above the ground is given by h(t) = -16t^2+900 


a.) what does the function tell us about the height from which the sunglasses were dropped? Include units in your answer.


b.) when do the sunglasses hit the ground? Include units in your answer.



thank you!!

 Nov 20, 2018

At time t=0   the object will be at its highest point....the point where it started its fall

  substitute t= 0 in to the equation  

    h(t) = - 16(0)^2 + 900 = 900 ft


 The object will hit the ground when the equation is EQUAL to 0....

    0 = -16t^2 + 900

    900 = 16t^2

900/16 = 56.25= t^2     so t=sqrt(56.25) = 7.5 seconds to hit the ground.

 Nov 20, 2018

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