A bookstore is deciding what price it should charge for a certain book. After research, the store finds that if the book's price is p dollars (where p is greater than or equal to 32 ), then the number of books sold per month is 128-4p. What price should the store charge to maximize its revenue?

Guest Jul 9, 2018

Let r(p) be the revenue.

r(p) = p(128-4p) = -4p^2 + 128p

Completing the square, r(p) = -4(p^2-32p) = -4(p-16)^2 + 1024.

Therefore, if the price is 16 dollars, the revenue will be maximized, which will be 1024 dollars.

MaxWong  Jul 15, 2018

It is good to see you back Max laugh

Melody  Jul 15, 2018

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