An apple is launched directly upward at 64 feet per second from a platform 80 feet high. The equation for this apple's height h at time t seconds after launch is h = -16t^2 + 64t + 80.


a. What is the height of the apple after 3 seconds?


b. Find the maximum height of the apple.


c. How many seconds will it take for the apple to reach the ground?

 Feb 15, 2021

a)    put '3' in for 't'  in the equation given and calculate the height at 3 sec

b.)   max height will occur at t = -b/2a    where b = 64   and a = -16

          this is the TIME when the apple is at max height

              to calculate THIS HEIGHT , put the t you just found into the equation and calculate max height

c) When the apple becomes applesauce, the height = 0

         so   solve   0 = -16t2 + 64 t + 80         use Quadratic Formula or factoring       throw out any negative 't' value     

 Feb 15, 2021

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