There is a field x on y, two players, in turn, rearrange the queen from the lower left corner to the upper right one by n cells vertically, or horizontally, or d cells diagonally (right-up). The one who cannot make a move loses. Does the player who started the game have a winning strategy?
There are four variables: x and y - the sides of the field, n - cells move vertically or horizontally, d - cells diagonally (right-up).
I tried from the end, put down + -, but the field can be 100000 by 10000000 conditionally, some algorithm for solving the problem is needed.
If anyone has ideas or an algorithm, I would be very grateful for the help.

 Jul 12, 2023


Is the Queen able to move any number of squares,     

as is the case on a chessboard?   


If so, your winning strategy would be to move first,  

then just move her all the way to the other corner.  


 Jul 13, 2023

conditions are first set, for example, the size of the field is 27 * 22 (x * y), n=3 step either up or to the right, d=4 diagonal, and so here is the winning strategy for the one who goes second

 Jul 13, 2023

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