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Good morning everyone!


If somone had a 66.5% as their overall grade, and a final is worth 10%, is it possible for that 66.5% to raise up to a 70%?

 May 20, 2018

To see if it is possible, we can just say you aced your final, 100% and see if it exceeds 66.5%.


Your current grade is 66.5% and it represents 90% of your final grade. 


If you aced your final, 100%, it will still represent 10% of your final grade. 




You will get a final grade of 69.85% even if you aced your final. 


It depends what your teacher rounds up by. 


If he/she rounds up by whole number, you will get 70%.


If he/she rounds up by tenth, you will get 69.9%, oof.


If she doesn't round, you will get 69.85%. 


I hope this helped,



 May 20, 2018

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