Ms. Grady is applying for Silver Level and is trying to figure out how often her club met over the course of November, December and January. During the first 2 months, the club met, on average, once every 5 days. If the club met 22 times in total, on average, how often did they meet in the third month? Round your answer to the nearest whole number of days.

 Jul 8, 2020

So using logic, we could get that in the 2 months they met every 5 days, they met 12 times because the 2 months included 61 days. Divide that by 10 and we get 12 with leftover 1. Now, we get 22 - 12 = 10. This gives us 10 meetings in 1 month. So, adding that 1 leftover from the division we did, we get 


every 3 days

 Jul 16, 2020

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