Simplify sqrt{28x} * sqrt{15x} * sqrt{20x}. Express your answer in simplest radical form in terms of x.

 Jan 18, 2022

First we can simplify each sqrt on it's own. sqrt(28x) is 2sqrt(7x), sqrt(15x) can't be simplified, and sqrt(20x) is 2sqrt(5x). We can now seperate the integers from the squares and rewrite the original equation as (2*2) *sqrt(7x)*sqrt(15x)*sqrt(5x). We can see that sqrt(15x) is sqrt(5x)*sqrt(3) and the third sqrt is sqrt(5x) so them multiplied is (sqrt(5x))^2*sqrt3 where the sqrt gets canceled by the power of 2. So now we can simplify that to (2*2*5x)*sqrt(7x)*sqrt(3) which finally is (20x)*sqrt(21x).


The answer is (20x)*sqrt(21x).

Hopefully this helps and you understand.

 Jan 18, 2022
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