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At 2:00 p.m. two cars start toward each other from towns 240 miles apart. If the rate of one car is 10 mph faster than the other, how fast does each car go if they meet at 5:00 p.m? and  If 3x represents the distance that the slower car traveled, then which expression represents the distance the faster car traveled?


A) 3(240)

B) 3x + 10

C) 3x + 30

 Jun 12, 2019

They travel for 3 hours.....and the total distance covered = 240 miles


Let x be the rate of the slower car    and x + 10  be the rate of the faster


And    R*T  = D    so


3(x) + 3(x + 10) = 240


3x +  (3x + 30)  = 240



cool cool cool

 Jun 12, 2019

Absolutely genius!

I have decided this task by system of two equations and series of expressions:-) You have short and smart solution!

Guest Jun 13, 2019

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