Hello and thank you, yesterday was the first time I've used web2.0calc (your site came up when I was using google calculator), I would like to expand on the problem and thank you for the answers so far, maths is not my strong point and I'm really very grateful.


I’ve reworked a formula that patinas certain metals and to date, I've formulated as the answer(s) below. (answered by melody)


However, I'm basing this on a total solution of 1750ml, now what I'm trying to do is trying to calculate how much I will need for coverage:


so, I know that if I prepare the kit as follows A=1000ml B= 500ml C=250ml (based on a basic recipe I’ve found on-line), I can use the formula below to easy create a 300ml solution, however, the solutions need to be prepared fresh each time.


1000 500 250 1750 1750/300 = 5.8333
1000/5.83 500/5.83 250/5.83 1750/5.83  
171ml 86ml 43ml 300ml answered by melody


So I need to calculate how much I need for a given volume, so that SAxH for example 2000mm x 4000mm x 0.5mm gives me a volume required: SA =8000mm Volume 4000ml, the chemicals are expensive and work best if they just sit on the surface not submerged, so my tests show that height is 0.5mm (on a flat surface with surface tension) this is fixed, my question is with the existing formula how would i calculate the amount required for variable amounts such as I needed 4000ml or 2000ml for example, it would give me the amounts of A, B and C respectively.




1000 ml Water 500 ml Water 250 ml Water
17g Chemical X  22g Chemical Y  11g Chemical Z


SA = (W=2000 mm variable x L=4000 mm variable) =8000 mm sq x H (0.5mm fixed) = Volume 4000 ml




Hope this makes sense :-)


Many Thanks



Guest May 28, 2017



Thanks to Melody's answer i've managed to work it out :-) 

Guest May 28, 2017

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