At Central Middle School the 108 students who take the AMC meet in the evening to talk about problems and eat an average of two cookies apiece. Walter and Gretel are baking Bonnie's Best Bar Cookies this year. Their recipe, which makes a pan of 15 cookies, list these items:

 \(1\frac{1}{2}\)  cups of flour

  \(2\) eggs

  \(3\) tablespoons butter

  \(\frac{3}{4}\) cups sugar

  \(1\) package of chocolate drops.

They will make only full recipes, no partial recipes.

Walter and Gretel must make enough pans of cookies to supply 216 cookies. There are 8 tablespoons in a stick of butter. How many sticks of butter will be needed? (Some butter may be left over, of course.)

 Jul 10, 2024

First, we need to find out how many pans of cookies Walter and Gretel need to make to supply 216 cookies. Since each pan makes 15 cookies, they will need to make 216/15 = 14.4 pans of cookies.


Since they cannot make a partial recipe, they will need to make 15 pans of cookies.

Next, let's calculate the amount of butter needed for one pan of cookies. The recipe calls for 5 tablespoons of butter, which is equivalent to 5/8 = 0.625 sticks of butter.

For 15 pans of cookies, they will need 15 x 0.625 = 9.375 sticks of butter.

So, Walter and Gretel will need 10 sticks of butter to make enough Bonnie's Best Bar Cookies to supply 216 cookies for the students at Central Middle School.

 Jul 10, 2024

First, let's find how many pans of cookies they need to make. 

We just have \(216/15=14.4\). since they can't make partial pans, we just round up to 15 pans. 


Now, since they made 15 pans, they're going to need \(15 \cdot 3 = 45\) tablespoons of butter to complete the task. 

Divide that by 8, we get \(45/8 =5.625\)


This rounds up to 6, so they need 6 sticks of butter. 


So 6 is our answer. 


Thanks! :)

 Jul 10, 2024

I wouldn't bother with parmen. They are just another one of the question bots that occasionally posts answers more atrocious than CPhill's; at least Cheater helper Phill is right most of the time!

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