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I am recieving complaints that RAZIEL305 is using this as a cheat site,

I just answered one of his questions without realizing but I did not give an answer as such.

I gave him/her the tools (information)  to work out the answer for himself.


If answerers did this as the norm then much less people would come here to cheat.


In the mean time ....  RAZIEL305   you have drawn very negative attention to yourself.

You will be being watched and if your questions start disappearing you will know why.

 Mar 8, 2019

Yes, he we have know read the past comments of mine in his other questions.

 Mar 8, 2019

Thats good. This website is ment to help not for cheating. 

 Mar 8, 2019

Yes, it looks like homework questions.

 Mar 8, 2019

They are...

HiylinLink  Mar 8, 2019

Yes, I think that raziel305 is a person who either isn't good at math or doesn't want to do his/her's math homework and is just trying to finish homework or get good grades.

 Mar 9, 2019

Also, you could just give him wrong answers and if they really are homework questions he will come back and say the answers are wrong and we'll know they are homework questions.

Guest Mar 9, 2019

Well giving wrong answers isn't the best thing to do because that is a form of lying and were not liers on here its more of we will huide you through it but not give all the time a direct answer...

HiylinLink  Mar 9, 2019

Melody, also look at FiestyGeco. He/she has posted their entire Geometry homework on here... I am in the course he/she was in a couple years ago.




Wow, 11 questions?

 Mar 12, 2019

Does anyone know why people cheat like that??

 Mar 12, 2019

im new on this whole thing in i really need help with my work im having a hard time understanding

 Mar 15, 2019

DUDE. You realize that Mellie has been cheating this whole time? She has AoPS, a math site, and since she is too lazy to do her own questions, she asks them on this site. Melody please acknowledge this.

 Mar 17, 2019

Mellie has not posted any questions at all on this site for 11 months.

Anything she die or did not do is ancient history.

But I do concede that this site has been used as a cheat site for many.

I am trying to discourage this behaviour.

Melody  Mar 17, 2019

You posted on my dads birthday last year! I think this website is a really nice website! keep it up smiley

 Mar 17, 2019
edited by Guest  Mar 17, 2019

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