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hi im doing really hard math qiz test homework and i need help to figure out what the answer to this is

sandy has five marbles sam takes two marbles jeffery gives one marble to sandy how many marbles does sandy have

i dont know what it means why is it so weird type of math

 Apr 18, 2019

Sandy starts with 5 marbles and Sam takes 2 away from here      5   take away 2   is  5-2     Sandy now has 5-2 marbles

Jeffrey gives 1 marble to Sandy     so Sandy now has    5-2  +1 marbles

5-2   +1 ==== 3+1 = 4 marbles.         Fortunately Sandy hasn't lost all of her marbles !  cheeky

 Apr 18, 2019

ok thanks

Guest Apr 18, 2019

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