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Two 7 x 7 squares overlap to form a 10 x 7 rectangle, as shown. What is the total area of the two regions in which the two squares do not overlap? This question can be answered without introducing a variable, however, you must introduce a variable and show a full solution properly using the variable.

I know how to do this without the variable, but I’m having trouble adding one.


Thanks for the help!

 Sep 11, 2019

How can this be?  If they overlap to form a 10 x 7   ?   this is larger than the dimension of the squares.....the most they can overlap is 7

 Sep 11, 2019
edited by ElectricPavlov  Sep 11, 2019

The total length of the rectangle is 10

Guest Sep 12, 2019

Okay, let x equal the overlapping area.

If the squares did not overlap, it would be a 14 x 7 rectangle, with an area of 98. But this has an area of 70.

x = 98-70 = 28


You are very welcome!


 Sep 14, 2019

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