When you toss a fair coin, the probability of getting heads is 1/2 and the probability of getting tails is 1/2 .

   1. When a coin is tossed 3 times, x is the number of heads.

           (a) Create a probability distribution table for the variable x .

           (b) Create a probability histogram for the variable x .

           (c) What is the probability of tossing 3 heads in a row? Explain.

 Jan 8, 2019

well the only one i know i can answer is the last one and since we are following chance just getting a heads on a coin is 50% chance but if you want to get heads twice in a row that chance will be cut in half meaning you have a 25% chance to do so but since you want to test fate and do it a third time it would mean that your chance would be cut in half again... a whopping 12.5% chance to get heads 3 times in a row

 Jan 8, 2019

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