The ratio of the number of chocolate cakes to the total number of cakes in a shop was 3:8. \( {1 \over 2}\frac{}{}\)of the remaining cakes in the shop were cheese cakes and the rest were lemon cakes and vanilla cakes in the ratio 2:1. There were 120 more cheese cakes than vanilla cakes in the shop.

(a)     How many chocolate cakes were there?

(b)     All the chocolate cakes were sold at 2 for $5. How much money was collected form selling all the chocolate cakes?

 Aug 19, 2021

Here is the pic I used


I started with vanilla and let the number be x and then I worked up from there.


We are told that 3x=x+120

so solve that and you can work it out from there.


 Aug 20, 2021

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