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A color photograph taken with a digital camera is converted into digital format using 4*10^0. Photographs taken with the camera each have 2.2*10^6,

How many bytes are there in one photo?

Please show your work, and answer can be in scientific notation, or written out as a full number (x * y^z or x * y^z = f)


Would be nice if I could get an answer in the next 15 minutes or so, but please, take your time.

 Mar 21, 2018

I do not understand the question, but if you want me to add them, 


2200004 is the sum of the two numbers...

 Mar 21, 2018

Thanks, that is all I needed. I was looking for the sum of 2.2*10^6 and 4*10^0. The answer could be in scientific notation or written as a whole number.

MathPeacock  Mar 21, 2018

You are very welcome :)

supermanaccz  Mar 21, 2018

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