Hello , could you explain me how the followin equation works ?


We search for x




Thanks for your time !

 Aug 7, 2017


We can write 


1x  =(0.2*x)+0.6     subtract 0.2 x  from  both sides


.8x  = .6      divide both sides by .8


x  =  .6 / .8  =  6 / 8  = 3 / 4 = .75



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 Aug 7, 2017

Here is another method to solve this equation. I like this method as it gets rid of all the pesky fractions and/or decimals in an equation:


\(x=0.2x+0.6\)Multiply both sides of the equation by 10.
\(10x=2x+6\)By multiplying by 10, we have eliminated any decimals in the equation. Subtract 2x from both sides.
\(8x=6\)Divide by 8 on both sides.


For this particular problem, the method one chooses here is trivial, as the problem is too short to make a noticeable difference. However, I find that I prefer (and have ultimately defaulted to) this method of eliminating any and all decimals and/or fractions to ease the solving process for more complicated equations. 

 Aug 7, 2017
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