Hello may some one please expalin this problem to me I seem to not be getting what I'm coming across 


so this lesson in my Algebra one course was about acurate rounding and it gave alittle explination on significant digit's/significant figures  


Here's what it said: 

Significant figure: The amount of significant figures in a number can be found by counting.

Any non-zero digit in the number is significant.
Example: 24 has two significant figures, the "2" and the "4."

Any zero between two non-zero numbers is significant.
Example: 101 has three significant figures.

Any zero that comes after a non-zero number, in a number with a decimal point, is significant.
Example: 35.00 has four significant figures. 


Now I'm getting this part but then I came to a question on my quiz that said 


A rectangle has a length of 9.00 inches and a width of 4.25 inches. What is the area in square inches? Round to the correct significant digits.

Answer blank 1: 38 




So my work for that problem was 9.00*4.25 = 38.25  


so when I looked at this problem all these numbers in it were significant digits and I was under the impression they were. so I felt it would be relativly acurate to round it to 38 but it turns out I got it wrong (This is a computer multiple choice quiz so maybe i was thinking it was programed for you to put square inches after that) so I did but I got it wrong again (Again this was a minor quiz after a lesson so hence you get 3 shots at it) 

so now I was thinking should I round it to 38.3 ? just I'm not sure so I decided to come here to see if I'm doing something wrong. 



 Jun 3, 2019

I believe your answer should have no more or less # os sig digs than the numbers given , which each have 3 sig digits.

SO I think it should be 38.3

 Jun 3, 2019

Thanks alot I apricate your input some one explained it through private message as well to me so thank you for guest's and Emerald wonders detailed input I see what I'm doing and need to THNAKS

HiylinLink  Jun 3, 2019
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