Hey Guys and Gals lol, I know this is not a "math" question but I am writing an English research paper on the Bermuda Triangles and I wanted to ask if you could help me think of a catchy question or hook that can help me draw the reader into reading more about my paper. I was thinking about putting the title "The Bermuda Triangle" and then stating up under it "Actual or Myth?", but I wasn't sure if that was interesting enough. Help me out?

Guest May 6, 2017

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That's a good start! smiley


Maybe you could make the subtitle be "Just a Myth?"

So it makes it sound like there is more to it.


In the paper, are you going to try to persuade the reader that it is real or that it is a myth?

hectictar  May 6, 2017

Well, I was just going to like ask a question to get the reader thinking about it while reading and then I'm going to provide information that leans more towards the Bermuda Triangle being real.

Guest May 6, 2017

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