Okay so I have to simplify this equation using properties of exponents, and it has to be in radical form

Equation: 3x^1/3 times (8x^2)

So far I have 24 (which is correct) and it is written like this: 24^?√?^?


24 to the "?" Power (radical symbol)"?" To the "?" Power

I wrote this confusingly, if you can figure it out THANKS A LOT!!

Guest May 19, 2017

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\((3x^{\frac13})\cdot(8x^2) \\~\\ =3\cdot x^{\frac13}\cdot8\cdot x^2 \\~\\ =3\cdot8\cdot x^2\cdot x^{\frac13} \\~\\ =24\cdot x^{2+\frac13} \\~\\ =24\cdot x^{\frac73}\)


And x^(7/3) is the same thing as the cube root of ( x7 ) ....




Does that answer the question ?  smiley

hectictar May 19, 2017

Yes! Thank you

Guest May 19, 2017

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