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sin, cos, and tan... I really need help!

 Apr 29, 2019

I won't give you the exact answers, but I will give you hints that you should use to EASILY solve them.


Remember:                 (ex: Sin(D)=\(\frac{9}{15}\Rightarrow\boxed{\frac{3}{5}}\))

Sine Ratio is \(\frac{Opposite}{Hypotenuse}\)


Cosine Ratio is \(\frac{Adjacent}{Hypotenuse}\)


Tangent Ratio is \(\frac{Opposite}{Adjacent}\)


Also remember:              (ex: Csc(D)=\(\frac{1}{\frac{3}{5}}\Rightarrow\boxed{\frac{5}{3}}\)


Secant is \(\frac{1}{Cosine}\)


Cosecant is \(\frac{1}{Sine}\)


Cotangent is \(\frac{1}{Tangent}\)

 Apr 29, 2019
edited by CalculatorUser  Apr 29, 2019
edited by CalculatorUser  Apr 29, 2019

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