A chandelier is suspended from the ceiling by two chains. One chain is 46cm long and forms a 60° angle with the ceiling. The other chain is 64cm long. What angle does the longer chain make with the ceiling?


I have to use sine law, but I don't know how.

 Mar 20, 2021

The  46cm chain  forms  the  hypotenuse of a right triangle.....the  height  from  the  ceiling to  the  bottom of  this  chain can  be  found as


sin 60  =  h / 46


46 * sin 60  =  h   ≈  39.84 cm


The longer  chain  will  hang  at  the  same  distance from the ceiling....to find  the  angle it makes with the ceiling  we  can use  the inverse sine  ( arcsin)


arcsin ( 39.84  / 64)   ≈   38.5°



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 Mar 20, 2021

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