so some people just became a member.I just wanted to tell you somthing!So thanks for joining.You need to allways ask for help if somthing bad happens in the forum.You can ask oneof the moderators or  the adminnistor.The adminnistor's username is admin.The moderators usernames are Melody,CPhill.If users are bold, that means they are online or avalible.if you click FORUM,a listof questions will appear and you can allways answer them following the instructions.Some info. may not be avalible on the next version.You could allways ask admin for stuff about the forum.You could send msg.s to others by clicking your username and clicking MESSAGE CENTER.If somebody does something inappoprite or bad in the forum,you could tell one of the moderators and dont answer the innapropriot or bad thing.You could as I believe that change some settings by going to  view-source:https://web2.0calc.com/      this URL is ONLY availible in google chrome.If you need help with the calculator,you could click HELP on the top of the screen.To make web2.0calc faster,you could use incognito window of your browser (if availlible).If you forget your password when you remember it,you could join Google Smart Lock and you won't have to type your password!Just to tell you this is not a question.When you put a question,you could put an image,by clicking image in the top of the ? or msg..So thanks.I had been a member since Feb. so I dont know much.To know more you may ask the moderators.





AsadRehman  Apr 28, 2017

Woa Asad Nice instructions, and, Im sure that the new members will apreciate this post, but, umm, you know we have new members everyday and this is just one post thats not permanent....

Are you sure you can handle taking over as the welcomer?

MysticalJaycat  Apr 28, 2017

Also, welcome to everyone who saw this post!

MysticalJaycat  Apr 28, 2017


Melody may put this post into the Sticky topic like mine!!

My post teaches new members how to use LaTeX!!

Great job on doing this :D

~The smartest cookie in the world.

MaxWong  Apr 28, 2017

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