Figure out how fast our solar system is going around the galaxy and then compare that with how fast earth is going around the sun.

I can't use a calculator or Google. The only info I have is that the galaxy is 100,000 lightyears across, it takes 200 million years for our solar system to travel the entire way, and our system is three-fourths of the way away from the centre. I have to assume that the galaxy is a perfect circle and our solar system goes in a perfect circle. 

 Oct 2, 2021

diameter of the circle is then   3/4 ( 100 000 light years) = 75 000 l-y  


circumference is then  pi*  75 000 l-y  



speed = d/ t   = 75 000 pi l-y / 2x106  years         now you have to convert it to the units you want .... 

 Oct 2, 2021

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