Solving Word Problems on Volume of Solid Figures


Each book of a set of encyclopedia measures 2.85dm by 2.15dm by 0.4dm. The encyclopedia has 19 books. What is the total volume of all books?

Guest Feb 11, 2017

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First let's just find the volume of one book.

Volume is length times width times height.

V = (L)(W)(H)

V = (2.85)(2.15)(0.4)

Just multiply these together in a calculator.

V = 2.451 cubic dm

The volume of one book is 2.451 cubic dm.

Since there are 19 books, just multiply that volume by 19.

2.451*19 = 46.569


Total volume = 46.569 cubic dm.

hectictar  Feb 11, 2017

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